ADS Tactical, INC

is a leading provider of added logistics and supply chain solutions specializing in tactical and operational equipment. As of March 31st, 2011 they had 440 employees working for them. The CEO of ADS Tactical is Luke Hillier. The company has over 4,000 active customers that are within the Department of Defense and the DHS.


Information about ADS TACTICAL, INC. 

Through their vendor network, they offer their customers obtain to over 160,000 items, which are combined with their broad suite of added supply chain management services. Their flexible operating model will allow them to maintain an asset-light, low-inventory business. There proposition has allowed them to drive in demand for the products and related services they offer while building upon the strength of their market position.



Their customers need the products they offer for ongoing training and to be prepared for a variety of peacetime operations and missions at home and abroad. The offer products like apparel, expeditionary equipment, optical equipment, communications equipment, emergency medical supplies, lighting, and eye wear.


Three Key Factors.

The three key factors that has kept their proposition driven is: Deep-Rooted Customer Relationships, Strategic Vendor Alliances, Broad Portfolio of Contractual Procurement Vehicles. Their customers are able to save time and money, which will generate repeat business and foster deep relationships with their customers because the company is utilizing logistics solutions to their broad portfolio of contractual procurement vehicles. With the logistics solutions and access customers are saving their time and money. Their vendors are able to leverage their experienced sales force, product knowledge, customer relationships to contractual procurement vehicles to drive demand for their products and reach a customer base that may otherwise be difficult for them to access independently. And lastly, their contractual procurement vehicles provide multiple channels through which their customers can purchase, and their vendors can sell, any of the over 160,000 items they offer without the need for time-consuming individual contracts or open-market bid processes. Their contractual procurement vehicles give their vendors access to customers they may not independently have and enable the U.S. government to realize increased procurement efficiencies. You may click this ads inc ipo nasdaq for more details.


The ADS Tactical IPO On The NASDAQ


ADS Tactical has their Initial Public Offering coming up on the NASD AQ index, and it is one of the simplest ways to invest for the first time. ADS Tactical is committed to defense services, client care, and new products. They have created this Initial Public Offering to raise capital for further projects, and this article explains how you may invest in their future.

What Does ADS Tactical Do?

ADS Tactical does quite a lot of defense work around the world. They have worked with local governments and private companies. They have created defense services for those who need assistance immediately, and the people who invest in this company may become part of the ingest defense contracts in the past.

What Is The Initial Public Offering's Purpose?

The Initial Public Offering helps introduce the company to the market, and it has been calculated using all the financial information the company has available. They have been quite transparent with the release of their Initial Public Offering, and they want all their investors to understand why their Initial Public Offering is valued in the manner that it is.

How Much Will You Pay?

You will pay the Initial Public Offering price for each share which is a bit lower than normal so that you may see some development. The company hopes to lift the price of the shares over time, and they are virtually guaranteeing that you will make money in the near future. You must witness the stock, and you may purchase more of the stock if you believe that it is worth the money.

ADS Tactical has a valuable Initial Public Offering that you may wish to take advantage of today. The stock is sure to rise in price, and you may check all their financial information online before buying. The company is raising capital to further their future and your initial investment come visit ads inc ipo nasdaq.

How to Find out about the Ads Inc IPO with Nasdaq


If you plan on making an investment with Ads Inc, you will want to know something about the Ads Inc Initial Public Offering before you do. Otherwise, you could end up investing in a company that make not give you the high returns you expect and, in some cases, even lose the money you invest.

That is why finding out about the Ads Inc Initial Public Offering with N asdaq is key. Especially if you want to know all the in depth information about the company before you invest.

Why look for the Ads Inc Initial Public Offering information on N asdaq? -- The N asdaq site is up to date, includes all the information you need to know about an Ads Inc Initial Public Offering and even tells you who to contact to find out more. In fact, if you want reliable information, this is the place to go.

What can you find out about the Ads Inc Initial Public Offering with N asdaq? -- N asdaq covers everything from the address of the company and the contact information for its main executives, right down to all the information you will need about the Initial Public Offering itself.

It will tell you what its initial offering was, how much it went up or down over the first few days after the Initial Public Offering was filed and, again, how much is it worth today.

It will also give you an idea about the projected share prices over the next few months, depending on what is going on with Ads Inc themselves.

Confirming the N asdaq information -- Of course, even with information from N asdaq about the Ads Inc Initial Public Offering, you will still want to confirm it with other sources.

Make sure you do this with at least two or three others before you invest in the company, just to be sure the information on the N asdaq site is completely correct. Learn more about ADS Inc. Initial Public Offering come visit